Monday, January 21, 2008

Apple + More Ram= Happy Mac-user

Hello all,
It appears that I am on a blogging frenzy. Two in a row, that is unlike me considering that I have been MIA for a while. BUT, I digress...
I have been an (un)happy macbook owner for about a year and half now. I purchased the macbook when it first came out, making me a first generation owner. I cannot stress this enough but do NOT ever EVER ever buy a first generation gadget. ever. Because the first time is always guinea pig time and there is an upgrade following soon after with a million improvements and you will end up hating your purchase. 

My macbook has malfunctioned since the day I bought it and I have taken it into the mac store about 10 times and have never been able to use it daily. My internal fan has broken twice, my cd insert has broken twice, my backlight once, and my computer crashes and is super slow. All this without ever having used it consistently. 
SO, after crashing from trying to install the new OS Leopard, I pleaded and begged my mac Genius who, after MUCH testing, gave me a brand new one! FINALLY! i can be a mac lover like everyone else! 

But one of the most important necessity for mac lovers to have a highly functional and speedy mac, is having more RAM. Learning from my graphic designer friends who are always in need of more RAM, I learned that this is mucho importanto. SO, for anyone who is looking to purchase more RAM, buy from HERE
RAM and other stuff is very cheap. 

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