Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to Swap Your Gifts

First of all, isn't "swap" a funny word? Say it a few times and you'll see what I mean. It starts sounding like a sound you'd make when you hit someone. SWAP!

Second of all, what do you do when you get a gift card that: A) is from a place you don't shop/eat/go to EVER, B) is just not enough for you to get anything you want, or C) you're never going to use? I have the answer to all of the above.

This website allows you to buy, sell, or swap your gift cards with other gift cards from other people. Of course, to sell or swap will cost you a flat rate of $1.99 - but would you rather pay $2 to get a gift card from a place you really like, or just pocket a $20 gift card to somewhere weird like Home Depot? And you can even trade in your gift card for cash - which most stores (if not all stores) will NEVER let you do. The catch for the cash? You only get a percentage of whatever is on the card, meaning that you don't get all of what the card is worth. But again, that's up to you - you don't have to get cash for it. I wouldn't; it seems like a crappy deal to me.

See? Crappy deal. Just sell or swap your card instead. When you post your card, it'll stay posted for 90 days, which, if you're thinking sounds like a long time, what do you care? Sure gifts cards are the same as money, but it's not your money; it's someone ELSE'S money that they gave to you! (If that logic doesn't help, ignore it. I've had a long day.)

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