Saturday, November 24, 2007

Take a...Bow?

Back again! I know, ultimate procrastination. This is why I need to study at a place with no internet connection. Anyway! With all the gift giving, gift buying, and gift wrapping to be done, I've come across my dear friend Martha's site on how to tie the classic bow! Has this ever happened to you, where you find a present someone hid for you and you want to take a peek, so you unwrap the bow and in your excitement, didn't pay attention to how it was tied and your, gulp, caught? (yes, happened to me many times. ) Well here is your solution, as well as your solution to beautiful ways to tie your gifts.

1 comment:

Tony Kim said...

haha, so i see you weren't lying when you said that you are all about martha stewart on thanksgiving!
well, hope your final studies are going well!
i, on the other hand, am back in the boondocks of north carolina.
and thanks for the tips on apartment hunting! i'll definitely talk to you again when the move gets closer!