Sunday, November 25, 2007

SWIMS..."The Modern Galosh"

According to my good friend, Wikipedia, "Galoshes" are also known as gumshoes, dickersons, or overshoes. Just those names have sold me! Makes me feel like I need to be saying them in British accents! (My accent, by the by, as I have been told from real street Britons in London, is exactly what British people think that Americans think British accents are like - which is to say "very unreal" and "way too proper for normal people." For the record, I like to think that I'm imitating Mary Poppins more than Harry Potter, but who can say where I really get my inspiration from? The heavens, everyday life, my own incredible genius?

...It's probably Harry Potter.)

Back to galoshes. They're like rainboots, but much smarter - instead of wearing around rubber boots that suffocate your feet all day or carrying around an extra pair of shoes in a bag while you wear your rainboots, galoshes are rubber boots that go OVER the shoes you're already wearing.

Here is one of the first pictures that Google comes up with when you search "galoshes."

I'm assuming the handles are to help you pull them on and off your shoes. Not too fashionable or practical for the modern man or woman, right? Enter: SWIMS.

Look at that dapper gentleman! That lovely lounging lady! And what are those on their feet? SWIMS! They're cute, they're not too flashy, they're functional, and they're being featured everywhere. I think it's safe to say that people love them. Protecting your feet from the wet nasty cold, it's also made with waterproof material to keep your shoes safe and shiny. Plus, the website is cool - and we know I'm all about that.

My only problem is the fact that all the pictures of the men are these well-dressed fellas looking regal (and a little scary), while all the ladies' pictures are of girls lying around on the ground in weird places and strange poses. But I guess that's just being picky.

Priced in Euros, SWIMS range from about $88 - $118. (Look at that! I converted for you guys! That's dedication, folks.)

For more info: SWIMS.
Buy them here: SWIMSstore.

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