Saturday, November 17, 2007


So even though I know that I have really good taste and people love to hear my thoughts in life (and by people, I mean probably just ~S~), I've decided to open the floor to requests, suggestions, pleas for help, and [insert some witty remark about me being wonderful].

I'm particularly good with shopping, in case you couldn't tell.



~S~ said...

It's true! T can find ANYTHING and really really quickly, too!

mjmjmjmj said...

in case you guys shop at,you can use code lucky4 and get 25% off! i dont know when it expires, but i used it twice already!!

mjmjmjmj said...

oh and i bet you guys cant find the jeffrey campbell athena gladiator sandals!! i've been looking all over for them and they are only at in size 11! i know they are for summer though, so its not likely to be found anywhere online- but maybe on a clearance rack in a store somewhere. sigh.