Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hi Guys! I'm back at Panera with a fresh cup of coffee and not so much work done. My hands are slightly frozen stiff from the gust of wind coming from an invisible vent. Where the heck is this damn vent????

Shout out to SKim, who has just purchased Lucky Jeans at the rec. of our very own Tee, and to MJ who purchased the acrylic ring AND used ebates! Thanks for using our sites and trusting us with your purchases! We hope you are satisfied, and if you aren't, let us know so we can let others know! This would be a great place for review.

So one disclaimer on Ebates. Ebates, is awesome because it gives you cash back for all the purchases you make online. All you do is go onto, register, and then go onto the site you want to make purchases on THROUGH ebates, and you will get your cash back. BUT, it takes a couple of days for ebates to receive confirmation from the merchant of your purchases, so you may not see the amount reflected in your account immediately.

Anyway, just thought it'd be a great idea, esp. with all the Friends and Family coupons available online!


Esther said...

I love panera!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

love my new jeans!
thanks, ladies!!!