Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Priscilla Ahn, or For People Who Love Girly Indie Folk Music

Thanks to ~S~, I have another girl crush to add to my growing list: Priscilla Ahn.

She's pretty, she's Asian, and guess what? She sings. And not in the lame "Oh check out my friend, she's a really good singer," but then you listen for a bit and it's totally not that great even though you have to pretend that it is because it's your friend's friend. This girl can REALLY sing.

Check her out if you love: Amos Lee, Joshua Radin (who she's opened for), Cary Brothers (who she's also opened for), Schuyler Fisk, and all other artists generally associated with Zach Braff. She kind of reminds me of Tristan Prettyman, who is also awesome.

For more samples and her myspace:
Priscilla Ahn.

Buy her album here, for $5.

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mjmjmjmj said...

check out my friend amanda lee's myspace page. she is awesome, asian, and sings indie music too!