Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Not Easy Being Green

Oh, but Kermit, it IS.

(I figured that since I already trifecta'd/hat tricked/[other 3-in-row cliche] today, I may as well keep going.)

So when you hear "naturally derived, biodegradable products," do you imagine items packaged in hemp rope, paper, and...I just lost my train of thought because ~S~ had to tell me about how she spent the weekend imitating a Texas accent. And then she had to demonstrate. She's also concerned with how much I post - I think she's just sad because in this amazing race to post the most cool stuff, she is the biggest loser.

ANYWAYS. To cut to the chase, method products are all that natural/biodegradable stuff but also aesthetically pleasing, as their designs are sleek and simple. Their brand philosophy is all about being clean, shiny, and fresh using things that are safe for the environment.

I'm a big fan.

You can find these at Target, some supermarkets, and online at method:home.

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Karen said...


i love method stuff. i'll make an effort to switch out at least one product next time i visit target. next week, shall we?