Monday, November 5, 2007

Bag Obsessed

As we've established, ~S~ loves tote bags. Like, LOVES them. She spends lunch hours and sometimes work hours looking at them online, and then she likes to try and convince people that she could make them herself even though she can't sew. So to some people, it's kind of crazy that she wants to have her own tote bag business empire one day. I didn't say I was one of the doubting Thomases - I'm all for it; in fact, I've already signed up to be an investor! (Yeah, I know, I'm kind of an awesome friend.)

I'm so understanding of her love because me, well, I love handbags. Kind of lame and girly of me, right? WRONG! In this day and age, where manbags are becoming more and more acceptable, and guys are realizing the utility of carrying around a bag to hold stuff in, handbag obsessions are unsuprising of the more feminine gender and are also a healthier vice than say, drinking, drugs, or collecting scary porcelain dolls.

(Note that I only support utilitarian manbags. Overly trendy or flashy manbags are a totally different story. Also, I will make the distinction that porcelain dolls are not the same as plastic figurines.)

Now normally, I like looking at luxury handbags. YOU know what I'm talking about. But today I'll spare you guys with sticker shock so early in the week, so I'd like to share with you a bag that I bought this weekend that is way more affordable.

Kind of doctor bag/Jackie O/Upper East Side-ish, but the long shoulder strap it comes with allows you to wear it like a messenger, as well giving it a kind of a funky/relaxed/thrift shop look. Do you LOVE IT? It's okay if you don't, because I do.

Comes in black and "plum" which is a reddish purple brown.

$58 at UrbanOutfitters.

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