Thursday, July 16, 2009

Procrastination Nation

If 'Procrastination' were a country, I'd be it's reigning Queen. Things I've done today between short bursts of studying include: 
  • Watching an episode of South Park (Lord of the Rings, aka Back Door Sluts IX); 
  • Picking up my birthday present to myself up from the post office, even though I had decided to wait till tomorrow; 
  • Dropping off my laundry; 
  • Going to the grocery store for cut watermelon and left with said cut watermelon, 2/$5 Haagen Daazs (no coffee, though. sad face), 2 lemon-lime Gatorades, and a pack of frosted lemon cookies; 
  • Putting together care package numero...5 or 6? to the bf overseas; 
  • And refreshing my Google Reader every 15 minutes in hopes of interesting articles and funny videos. 

And all of this was done wearing my current favorite (as of about the last week or so) "oversized tee" from Topshop - but since I'm nice and short, it's actually pretty much a dress on me, and that's how I wear it. Comfortable, cool...and classy, no?

Waiting for my Cheap Monday Biggie Skull shirt to get in tomorrow, which I'm excited about since I spent, literally, an hour Googling the crap out of it to find somewhere that sold it online in black, instead of the white, which is still available all over the place. And yes, I am well aware that the two shirts are basically the same thing. And I don't care.


gm said...

hey i was wondering which site you ordered it from .. ive been looking for it everywhere in black aswell !! thanks very much ! ^^

tee said...

hi! i found it on a website called choose chinatown. hope that helps!