Sunday, July 5, 2009

Octopus Rings

Instead of celebrating our nation's Independence Day like Will Smith and Bill Pullman intended, I stayed home today with every intention of studying...but used my time more wisely by watching Youtube videos and shopping online. I'll celebrate it properly next year when the bf is home from overseas.

Anyways, I like these. One of my biggest fears is a Kraken monster - don't ask me where it comes from or why. I get recurring nightmares about a Kraken attack during a really horrible monsoon, and it's heart-stoppingly TERRIFYING. Which makes my interest in these rings a little confusing, even for me.

Noir - from 80s Purple

Lusca - Diby & Iona

Seppie - Digby & Iona

I think I like the 2 Digby & Ionas best. They're the most tentacle-y. Although, the Noir one would match my gunmetal Talon ring (Made Her Think - available in brass, rhodium, and rose gold).

Now, I think I'm gonna watch Beetle Juice recorded on my DVR. I love Winona in that movie.


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