Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poof! Answer to Your Public Bathroom Woes.

I just ran across this on Daily Candy and I had to post! I know you've all come across this situation where you're out at a friend's house, at a restaurant with some friends, at a hip club/lounge, and the urge gets you. Overwhelms you in fact and you are running for the nearest BR. But wait! You're in public and it's quite unladylike to leave a trail. Yes, there's the old light the match tactic, but let's be real. If I walked into a BR that smelled like a blown out candle, I know stuff went down two seconds before I got there.
In comes Poof, a solution in eye dropper bottle. Fits in your pocket, in your purse, and in your makeup bag. Just squeeze a couple of drops into the the toilet before you do your thing and it creates a thin sealant that traps in all odors, leaving behind the pleasant smell of Japanese mint (I have no idea what that smells like). And you can tell your boyfriend he was right, your S#*t does smell like roses (er, mints).

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