Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello, Sunshine! Spring treat

So this weekend, while working really hard at procrastinating, I decided to make some Lemon Bars! I've never made them before and I've probably only eaten them like...twice in my life. But after seeing some pictures on Smitten Kitchen I decided to try it out.

Obviously, Smitten Kitchen's pictures are infinitely better than didn't help that I baked these at midnight, when I do most things. =D

The verdict? My coworker says "They were great! and I should know, I'm Italian."

For the recipe, please visit Smitten Kitchen. I used the recipe for thin lemon layer, although the layer actually wasn't thin at all. I also sprinkled crumbs from the breading on top instead of sugar.


kent said...

you made what's in that photo?! whoa! looks delicious! bring some in to school! =]

tasha said...

these look awesome! happy sunny lemon bars! :)

Ambitious said...

Looks wonderfully delicious! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)