Friday, April 3, 2009

DIY Chalkboard

Alas, the long awaited project is completed! I've been wanting to get this Chalkboard done since February, but finding the right frame for it proved to be a lot harder than I thought. Ideally, I would have gotten a bigger and thicker frame, but during a visit to the Brooklyn Flea with T, I found this vintage one for super cheap! $15.
(I have to apologize in advance, the lighting in my house is very bad for pics and everything comes up yellowish. I'm hoping you just think it's antiquey. lol)

Here are the supplies:
Plywood (I got it cut and measured at Home Depot for $3.50), primer ($6), chalkboard paint ($13.50), vintage frame ($15), and paintbrush/roller ($3)

Here is a close up of the moldings of the frame. Isn't it a beauty? Too bad it was chipping a little, but it adds to the charm.

Next, I primed the wood. I obviously have enough primer and chalkboard paint for 15 more boards. (this is a bad pic, sorry)

Then on goes the chalkboard paint! (2 coats)

I then mounted the plywood onto the frame using wood glue around the edges. I did about 2 coats (let the first dry). Then I placed 4 heavy books on top.
And ta da! My very own Chalkboard! I honestly had no idea what to write on it and felt pressure to write something really cute and interesting. But this was the best I could come up with. =D

I have to say, nothing beats real slate. The chalk definitely doesn't go on as smoothly as it does with slate. But, I really love that the board is a dark black instead of a green, and for a DIY, I think it's a great and inexpensive way to charm up your home.
Drop me a line if you have any DIY chalkboards of your own!


James said...

A&C at its finest. Nice work.
I retract my previous thoughts on this.

Laura said...

i'm so impressed! your chalkboard looks soooo good! :)