Monday, March 23, 2009

Up too early!

I am up WAYYY too early today. But it's ok, I slept at 1, which is really early for me, and woke up at 8, and I love getting an early start to the day (I absolutely hate the sound of my alarm.) But today! Today I woke up all by my lonesome and I'm ready to start some good living.

So I've decided to try and do a "love me" day. I have chronic tension headaches and last night I experienced a really bad one and had to go to bed early. This requires some lifestyle changes but as most of you know, lifestyle changes don't really work unless you commit to them, full body and mind. I usually commit full body, but not mind, since as I'm doing say, yoga, I'm still thinking about the list of groceries, the things I need to get done, assignments that need working on, etc. I'm just not a good relaxer.

So today, I started off with a short prayer, which helps brings things in perspective for the day. Today is the Boyfriend's first day of work so there were lots to pray about (such as...I hope someone is kind enough to ask him to eat lunch with them!)I'm also on this flax seed kick, and bought a new pack at GNC yesterday. It's really weird, like ground up seeds that I sprinkle onto my yogurt. But I need all the omega 3s I can get for the Bar Exam this summer. And after this post, I'm going to go for a workout. Are you proud of me?

But I couldn't help posting about some dresses.

{Fall 08 Caroline Hedaya}

{Spring 09}

{Mathew Williamson Spring 09}


Jeni and Jake said...

Ooh, I like the little black one. :)

Eddy said...

:)u make me smile.