Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty Questions

Some miscellaneous vanities on my mind lately, any (constructive) help would be appreciated.

- How does a girl/woman, hypothetically, get rid of arm flab? Also, fat calves. Running?

- What are some good skincare lines/routines for Asian skin? There's got to be some secret as to how Asian ladies have the greatest skin in the world.

- Hair products: I used to think they were kind of excessive and useless, but with age, my gorgeous hair is becoming coarser and crazier. So what do people do about this?


pinktsoufa said...

1. I heard Yoga was really good for toning, but Pilates is even better because you get a cardio work out with toning action.
2. My mom always uses Dior Snow, which I think a lot of Asians use. I also like the Chanel line, but really I only use the makeup remover and eye cream.
3. Hair is kind of hit and miss, and I don't really know if it actually makes a difference, but I've used Aveda for a while now, and I blow dry my hair and straighten part of it everyday. But you don't have to wash it everyday, and if you're in cold weather, it's even better! Use baby powder for oily hair or dry shampoo??
Hope any of this helps :/

ilikeblogs said...

calves - jumping, seriously. i'm sure there is a more technical precise exercise. But if you want to be able to have ups, you defintiely have to have calf muscles.

Do a bunch of saute's, you know like plie-y jump ballet things in first position. Even if you just do it for 5 minutes, tomorrow you will hate me.

plus you'll feel dainty while you do it :)

Anonymous said...

Rock-climbing for the arms... no contest. It seems like it would bulk them up, but it doesn't. It tones, and it does a better job than anything else I've EVER tried. Second to that would be doing light-weight reps in all directions. Pilates is great too.

I use Mary Kay for my skin. It is noncomedogenic, anti-aging, and clean/green/cruelty-free. It is the only product that satisfies me.