Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Subscription Gift Ideas

So... I've been reading other blogs and it looks like some people are opting to get their loved ones yearly subscriptions over one time gifts. I've heard of wine clubs, beer clubs, and hey, even cheese clubs (oh how I wish I was a member!), but now there are "pretty things" clubs and EVEN....drum roll please...a J.Crew club. You can pay some obscene amount of money and join either the jewelry, cashmere, shoes or ties membership. Each month a J.Crew editor picked article will arrive at your door.
I would totally join this if 1) it wasn't ridiculously expensive and 2) it wasn't ridiculously expensive. Although I have been LOVING the J.Crew merch lately, I'm not willing to gamble $800 of money I don't have. No offense Jenna, I love your closet.

Here is the info, courtesy of J.Crew Aholics

The Jewelry of the month club costs $850.00 and you will receive a different piece of jewelry for a 12 month period. Each piece is hand picked by our designers. This is a great gift for anyone or even for yourself. The jewelry will consist of a variety of bracelets and necklaces.

The Cashmere of the month club is priced at $1,875.00. You will receive a piece of cashmere each month for 12 months. Each item is made with 100% cashmere and all of the colors are exclusive to J.Crew. Our designers hand picked each cashmere piece for each month.

Our amazing Shoe of the month is priced at $1,800.00 and is, so far, our most popular of the month club. Again, this consists of a pair of shoes each month for a 12 month period. You may choose if you would like heels, flats or a mixture. Our designers also pick out the shoes each month.

The Tie of the month is priced at $550.00 and again, consists of a tie that is hand picked by our designers each month for 12 months.

Please note that the items that are received are not eligible for credit back to the credit card. We will exchange items (cashmere and shoe of the month only) for sizes only. We will not exchange for a different item or style of item due to these items being hand selected from the designers.

P.S. I don't think J. Crew really understands the average Joanna like myself-- we are in a recession. It has be officially declared. HELLO

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