Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Greed

After taking a few minutes to actually study today, my mind started drifting again and I found myself wondering why right after Thanksgiving, I suddenly have this NEED for all these things I've only casually thought of buying before. Is it just that adverising and marketing is especially effective this time of year? Is it just because this is when getting and giving gifts is for everyone, making it a lot more fun? Or is it really just because studying is never something people choose to do, and shopping is just so much easier thanks to these internets?

I don't know.

But things that I've been secretly hoping people (and by people, I mean an eccentric billionaire who likes to make random people happy) will buy for me / I will probably seriously consider buying for myself before the season is over:

  • a leather travel jewelry roll
  • new luggage, in a nice blue or grey or purple or maybe yellow
  • floral and bow headpieces, like those on
  • nice earrings, studs - because I don't like dangly ones - like these or these (not diamonds, although I do want a pair eventually - just one, because I'm a firm believer in getting diamonds from your parents or from your significant other)
  • any Audrey Kawasaki print, framed
  • this or THIS Comme des Garcons wallet
  • new games for my ds lite
  • and obviously, another bag to add to my unstoppable growing collection, even though I had sworn of them after my birthday this year

Are you disgusted having my gluttony spelled out and in bullet form? Because part of me is.

But part of me, not.

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