Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hermes brings you, Playtime With Your Scarf~!

One of the many "classics" every woman by the age of 40 should own in their closets (I think the media told me this), is a beautiful, luxuriously, silky smooth and butter Hermes Scarf. It definitely has the bit of older woman touch, but lately they have created some youthful pieces, and like I said, it's a classic. This shiznatch ain't to old for nobodies.

To make a long story short, as it is finals time and 3:45 can download Hermes' instructional booklet on the many ways to tie your Hermes scarf. I can't really give it to you or anything cuz...well I simply don't have the time (not that I do not appreciate you readers but Creditors Rights is calling my name!) I will leave you with instructions sans pictures.

Go to the Hermes site and click on the almost bottom almost right almost corner that says, "Playtime with your scarf"--You will be provided with an Adobe file of the booklet. Happy scarfing!

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