Saturday, December 6, 2008


Some interesting things I noted while watching Tim Burton's James and the Giant Peach again:
  • James Henry Trotter
  • Parents killed in a freak accident
  • Lives with his aunts Sponge and Spiker (rotund and pointy, respectively)
  • Who make him do work and chores and treat him horribly
  • and who thought his father was below their level
  • He dreams of a better place (in this case, New York, which his parents had told him about)
  • And his life is changed when a mysterious stranger appears with magic (specifically, a bag of magic crocodile tongues)

Um...does this sound like the premise to another book to anyone else? One about a young orphan who finds out he has magic? With a lightening scar perhaps?

I'm not complaining or anything, as I love both stories. And granted, orphans finding out special secrets about themselves and subsequently livng exciting lives isn't an original formula in the least...but wouldn't it be a bit interesting to know if maybe this isn't where a certain author got her inspiration from?

I'm pretty tempted to change this post to "Harry Potter and the Giant Peach." Or maybe I just need to turn off my brain from analyzing everything for a night and just go to bed.

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