Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Are Artists Sometimes So Weird? (and creepy)...

I love fashion as much as the next person. I appreciate the art and passion that is involved in creating each piece. It's when art crosses the line to weird and creepy that gives me the heebie jeebies and make me glad that I'm doing law. At least with law you work with just straight up socially awkward and insecure a-holes who like to make everyone else feel like crap. At least that's something TANGIBLE that I can pummel to the ground. Heebie Jeebies? That shiet stays with you until the darkest hour of the night, when you wake up in a sweat. For ex, an exhibition commissioned by Karl Lagerfeld. Granted this is not exactly TOO creepy, but I thought I'd scare y'all if we went any deeper.

p.s. I'm referring to the S&M chain room and that image of a man hitting that women with a book...naked. Wha?

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vivian bridges said...

I was wondering the same thing for the 100th time last night after going on an art walk. I was so creeped out by the artists themselves I went home earlier than planned. On my walk back I kept looking at others on the sidewalk for signs of normalcy so I could feel ok again. I'm very artisitic but never got into the visual art scene for the reason mentioned...It's more the painters than any other artsy type