Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bags I Like...Right Now

As of late, I haven't had much interest in new bags. Either nothing has really been new and exciting enough, or I'm at my limit. Which sounds impossible, but it might be true!

So today I decided to look again, and lo and behold, found two bags that I kind of like a lot and would totally buy if I wasn't basically a homeless person living off the scraps of her parents.

Marni Fuschia Small Balloon Bag (I know this is an oldie, but it's still a goodie. Plus, I really love that color.)

And then, my newest obsession / holy grail:

Proenza Schouler PS1 Large/Medium Bag (The new IT bag, kind of like when Balenciaga lariats first came out...which I hate being a victim to IT bag fever, but this bag is so delicious that I wouldn't mind being following the trend and getting one just like everyone else. I NEED this.)

I knew my dry spell of bag-lusting wouldn't last long. It's really an addiction that I just can't quite quit.

1 comment:

hamper said...

what a beautiful grey. obviously i know nothing about bags - nor do i shop for them since i'm not around you - but that bag is so beautiful. i hope you can get it!! :D