Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kinda hate myself for doing this...

But I bought something bad. Bad bad news. Ok here are my justifications. Yes, I have made a few purchases as of late...but, all things which I have been contemplating for quite some time, and for the record, I do not buy clothes very often. My obsessions/addictions happen to be handbags and shoes, both of which, yes, I have purchased recently. Shut up. But clothes, I mean...even the boyfriend suggested that I go shopping, something which he NEVER does. If that's not an alarm I don't know what is. PLUS, T and I set up a budget system, and I am still below the budget, as I have returned a many things. I still have a good bunch to swallow, although...this one purchase might have put me right at its limit.
A leather hooded jacket to satisfy my motorcycle craze. What do you think???

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mjmjmjmj said...

go nuts! ps. what shoes have you bought as of late?