Thursday, October 16, 2008

Confessions of Distracted, ADD Law Student

Ok I admit. I have not been a very loyal blogger to heywelikethis. In fact, I have been downright cheating. I went back to xanga for a little bit, just blogging here and there, I was all about facebook for a while....and now. I'm back bitches. Sorry, was that too vulgar? T, was that too vulgar for our site? (I directly address T since her and I seem to be the only ones who read this when she seems to be writing to you, she is really writing to just me.)

So, lots of updates from the past couple of months. T and I both entered into our 3 year of law school...a.k.a. uber slacker mode. uber. big. huge. I have yet to do a lick of work, although now I'm getting a bit anxious since I'm way too far behind to even begin to pretend to comprehend that I know what's going on and act like its not big deal. I scoff at myself. BUT, I did decide that this year, I am going to venture into ideas and hobbies that I've been wanting to try out for a while now. One such excursion is the tote bag making that I had talked about on numerous occasions. That has still has not happened. On to number two. Waitressing! I am a waitress at a restaurant in the East Village. So far I am loving it, but the biggest pain in my arse are the shoes--we have to wear heels! "I die. D-I-E." So the other waitress girls and I have been on a journey to find new shoes. Any suggestions for relatively cute but comfy shoes? Aerosoles is not a solution.


ambitious said...

i've been awaiting patiently for your comeback u know. very very patiently.

as for comfy heels, i still believe there is no such thing. =( but i wanna know if any of ur readers have suggestions!!!!!

~S~ said...

Once I find out, I will let you know!