Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Along the Dotted Line~!

So in my procrastinating frenzy, I decided, suddenly and with tremendous urgency, that I absolutely needed gift tags, envelopes labeled "important documents", and nameplates for books. I know what you're do too! Here to satisfy all your needs, is this beautiful cite, ready to rescue you from all of your arts and crafts woes.

A very good friend of mine is an extremely talented graphic designer, and when she left New York (and me) to live in good ole San Francisco, she gave me a box of high quality paper, which contained random samples. So! I printed these out on very heavy stock paper:

Perfect for all your gift giving needs! Now Christmas won't be all unorganized and messy with sharpies or faint pen marks identifying each gift! One option is to print them out on sticky paper and stick each label onto the gift, but I prefer punching little holes and tying little ribbons on them. To DL the pdf, click here.

Next, I downloaded nameplates for books! You can cut out each nameplate and glue/stick them onto the cover of your books just in case you lend them out and forget who you lent them out to (like I do all the time). When I was younger, I established an old school library system (index cards with names and return dates with little folders) but that died since the only ppl I was lending out books to were my bear and Strawberry Short Cakes.
Click Here to DL the pdf.

The final one is an envelope cut out, kinda plain and simple. My sister did not understand what this was for, even after countless explanations. I can't help her. But I thought it'd be perfect when sending photos!
Click here to DL the pdf.

There are so many more, but I am now feeling the palpitations in my heart, telling me to write my paper with each beat. Happy crafting!

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