Monday, June 16, 2008

Hot Guy Shoes

Okay, so it's not actually called the Hot Guy Shoe or whatever, but it should be. This is a shoe that is worn by hot guys. Or at least, very-well-dressed-deserves-a-second-look guy.

Ted Baker Ryde Derby Lace-up Shoe on sale now at ASOS for about $150!

And here are two more hot guy shoes that I think you hot guys out there should give a chance.

H by Hudson Browny Spring Toe Oxford Shoes on sale for ~$135!

ASOS Casual Leather Brogue on sale for ~$55!

I know some, if not most of my guy friends who read this are going to make faces and probably not like these shoes right away - but come on, guys! When have I led you wrong?!

1 comment:

cwan said...

top black shoe ain't back. a lil too pointy but i'd sport em.