Monday, June 16, 2008

Balenciaga 2008 Fall Amethyst City

So, I love Balenciaga bags. Like, LOVE THEM. I have one, and ever since I got it I've been plotting my next purchase. I'm pretty particular when it comes to bags, and the only brands that I'm extreeeemely loyal to are Marc by Marc Jacobs (for convenience and trends), Lanvin (for utility and form), Bottega Veneta (for comfort and maturity), and now, Balenciaga. These are also all brands/houses that in which, if I had unlimited amounts of money, I would cover myself head-to-toe. But that's another thing entirely.

Balenciaga bags are fun not in the fact that they come out with new designs every season (which they do) - they're fun because they come up with new and exciting colors for their tried and true bags. Some of this fall season's colors include: rubisse (ruby red), argent (light grey), marine (dark navy blue), black cherry (a deep reddish brown), sapphire (which, contrary to what you would think, is actually a dark purple), saddle (a chestnutty brown), and amethyst (a magenta-like pink).

And since I'm obsessed, I got a SA at Balenciaga NY to email me a picture of the newly arrived amethyst!

Isn't it pretty? Look at the soft, lush, supple leather. Wouldn't it look amazing on someone who wears a lot of black and grey (aka, me)? As much as I liked it in person, though, I don't know that I am a bright-colored handbag person, so in the end, because I'm boring, I will probably stick to my normal *yawn* black and/or brown bags. But I'm still holding out for the ruby red...we'll see how I feel about that color when it comes out in late July/early August!

For pictures of current colors and bags, go to the new and exclusive to the U.S. online store. For pictures of upcoming bags, look at their accessories collection for Fall 08.

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