Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Navy Shoes = Awesome.

YSL Tribute Platform Sandals, $760

I know what you’re thinking. $760?! That is totally insane for some shoes that will probably end up being the cause of your feet deformation. BUT…still kind of hot, right? Yeah, a little bit.

So a few weeks ago, I took a “lunch break” and went shopping. Now, normally I don’t go into Old Navy because of the mess and the lines and the fact that up until recently, ON’s clothes were kind of not pretty. But I was checking out their stuff online and Todd Oldham has done some wonders for the brand in just a few short months of being creative director. (Ditto goes for Patrick Robinson and Gap)

ANYWAYS, point of the story is, I found these amazing shoes that are slightly reminiscent of those crazy YSL platforms, but a) more affordable, and b) I won’t cry if my feet bleed all over them for being so high.

Old Navy Platform Sandals, $19.99 (Sale!)

The picture doesn’t do it justice! The brown is more of a worn luggage brown, and the wood looks expensive. I saw these and instantly saw myself wearing them with skinny jeans and oversized t-shirts a la the Olsens. So what if I normally hate wearing high heels - to look like an Olsen while paying less than 5% of the price is WORTH IT.

Anyways, about a week after I bought them I wore them to a semi-formal (with black tights and grey/brown Zara dress) and they were a) HOT, and b) SO COMFORTABLE. No joke. I am usually a weakling when it comes to heels, but these did not hurt at all, and I wore them for about 4 hours straight. Basically, they are my new favorite shoes, along with a pair of brown platforms also from Old Navy. Who would have ever guessed?

And for those who want a straight-up cheaper copy of the YSL Tributes for $79.95, go here. (Which, in light of the fact that the originals are the price of a laptop, I totally condone.)


hamper said...

you're so mary-kate and ashley

suyen said...

i bought these shoes too in another color! white/cream.. it's so cute.. it's time to get a price adjustment! :) i haven't worn them yet.. but plan to tomorrow.. hopefully, they will be comfortable for me too!