Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taylor Swift

So these aren't new songs or anything, but I love them. Did you know that Taylor Swift is a GIANT? She's 5'11" - what does that even mean? That's like skyscraper tall. That's like, I-can't-even-comprehend tall. That's even-if-I-wore-6-inch-heels-I'd-still-be-at-least-2-inches-shorter tall. (And S, in those same heels, would be like, a foot shorter.)

Our Song

Tim McGraw

Sigh. Country music is truly the best.


hamper said...

i LOVE taylor! :)

Hannah Yu said...

S is pretty short. awesome. someone just said i look like "one of those polygamy ladies" -- i think he meant a mormon... (i have a white hoodie over my head). i hate school.