Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Super Hills Me

So I know at least 2 people who read this thing are in love with the Hills (S included), but these are too funny not to post.

Joel McHale and The Soup

(Mila Kunis = Audrina, James Franco (<3 him!) = Our Nation's Capital, Justin Bobby, Directed by = Judd Apatow)


Tony said...

do you guy have any advice for apartment hunting in new york?
areas for a young and broke 20-something to consider?

also, here's some happy music suggestions to get over the i-friggin'-hate-finals-because-they-ruin-my-life blues:

Chester French - The Jimmy Choo's
Phantom Planet - Do The Panic (this was on Gossip Girl this week)

good luck studying!

~S~ said...

Hi Tony! thanks for leaving a comment. In response to your inquiry, for a broke 20 something i.e. me and all my friends, i think areas like astoria, woodside, and sunnyside are great places to live. it's cheap, it's not SO bad, it's close to the city. but you may have to find a roommate. look on craig's list, they always have tons of ppl looking. good luck!

L. said...

LOL. I love James Franco!

Very dull show the hills is, but surprisingly magically by some T.V magic miracle very addicting.

Nice blog btw.