Monday, April 21, 2008

O.M.G. ~!

Guess what's back kittens....
Gossip Girls~!!! AHH!!! I cannot wait! Too bad I'm in effin' con law during those precious, precious hours. Not to mention today is another new episode of The Hills, where Heidi is once again, going to make a complete a-hole of herself and desperately search for "girlfriends." shoulda thought of that BEFORE you were an idiot Heid....

Anyway, this is the email I received from a gf:

[this is in response to her email which said..."Gossip Girls is filming by my house!"--which is ALSO by my house, and at a cafe i've frequented.]

"i saw them film in front of communitea! it was a seen with vanessa and nate (i think they hook up in the new season).i was too chicken to ask chase crawford for a pic, and once i mustered up the courage, a crew member took him away. :(but i did get a pic w/vanessa! she's gorgeous, and incredibly sweet. =)can't wait to watch the new season..."

ugh...did i NOT tell you that I have the worst luck of celebrity almost citings?

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Gaby said...

I absolutely can NOT wait for OMFG! Hopefully it is a raunchy as the commercials have been. But since it is airing at 8pm, maybe not. Either way, any idea on who the gay character will be? S and B TTC!