Friday, April 11, 2008

Make Your Own Online Mixtape...

And play it ANYWHERE. Click the picture to get to the website.

Since I heard that is actually blocked at some of my friends' offices, Muxtape has become the new saving grace for boring days at work. You can put up to 12 songs at a time on a muxtape, and you can play them from any computer!

I even have a testimonial to share from a friend currently using Muxtape this very second:

******: man its a lifesaver
i just listen to it over and over at work
10 songs.
actually mostly just one song
Exclusive - by Day26
******: i requested she delete all the other 9 songs
and just upload Exclusive 10 times
but she said ***** would throw a fit
he also listens to her playlist at work


Anonymous said...

I know which friend you are talking about and *****, I know who that is too. =p

petey said...

koller sucks

Koller said...

Petey likes Danity Kane