Friday, April 4, 2008

Hit the Trenches!

Hello all~ it's been a while. The semester has been a bit hectic for me and I haven't been doing my job of keeping up with the blogging. Thankfully, T, my better half and blog-obsessed/loyal friend, has been doing a GREAT job. We love you T!

Just wanted to hit a quick post about my recent purchase. I have been on a retail therapy frenzy lately, usually just internet-browsing, and not buying. T knows this because I harass her with a million sites a day of things I want to buy. So on a whim, I bought...THIS!
And get this. It was on sale on for $96, and an additional $15 off for first time buyers, AND an additional 3% through wonderful ebates! I got this beautiful white Michael Kors trench for $78~! Well...I did have to buy something else to get to the $100, so I also bought
for $34 from Le Tigre. I love long tops, but since I have wide hips (or as T would say, mom hips), the loose fit and waist band free end, is perfect. I love the fray at the bottom.

But. What I am truly covetting is.... day, one day. Perhaps after I do my taxes and get a nice fat refund check. =D
happy shopping!

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