Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dawson to Guest Star on HIMYM

Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? If not, then you need to get on that ASAP or our friendship will be over before it could begin. The premise is that a father is telling his children in the future the story of how he met their mother...the whole story. Including girlfriends before, the stories of their Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall, Aunt Robin, and Uncle Barney (DOOGIE!). Anyways, shenanigans occur and hilarity ensues.

And as many people have heard, unless you live under a rock and don't go online EVER, Miss Britney herself had a small guest role on the show a few weeks ago, in which she played a doctor's receptionist who falls for Ted, our protaganist. It was good stuff.

Now, and this may be old news to you gossip-savvy folks, but Dawson will be making a stop back on the small screen on the show soon.

JAMES VAN DER BEEK will be guest starring as a Canadian Pop star...this means the comeback of ROBIN SPARKLES!!! (Who, by the way, has a real Myspace page!)

Point is, I love this show, and I can't wait.

For a preview of the Dawson + Robin Sparkles goodness coming up THIS MONDAY:

Sandcastles in the Sand

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