Friday, April 18, 2008

Balenciaga to Open Online Store!

I'm in love with Nicolas Ghesquière, Balenciaga, and all that they emcompass. Gladiator studded crazy high killer heels? Armor-fit floral dress? Sexxxxaayyy motorcycle bags? Delicious. The clean lines, the classic styles, the edgy twists, all of it - makes me swoon. It's an obsession.

Now WWD is reporting that the brand is planning on joining these modern times and offering its accessories up for sale online. Some might say that this move will cause Balenciaga to lose its exclusivity appeal, but I'm willing to bet that it's not like they are going to put up all of their inventory, so people can still go to the stores to get the harder to find pieces. I think this is a brilliant move because this will give access to the brand to those who live in areas without a retailer and probably increase its popularity.

Either way, on May 15 you can bet your butt I'll be stalking that page like it's my job.

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