Friday, April 11, 2008

Bag Hagging

Spring seems to be the time that the weather flips between beautiful and gloomy and people start incorporating transitional warm weather clothes like layering thick tights with spring dresses - or in the case of girls from Long Island at Roosevelt Field mall - leggings as pants with Uggs and tshirts a la Lohan. And don’t forget the Louis Vuitton Speedys of all sizes and colors.

Point of the story is, besides the fact that I’m preparing to get the BAG OF A LIFETIME in the upcoming months (hopefully, WEEKS), I’m still stalking bags online and I’ve narrowed it down to two luscious ladies:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee in Saddle vs. Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in Violet.

Yeah, both S and I have been admiring the Dr. Q bag for a while, though S has been OBSESSED with it for months. LITERALLY. Months.

She even insisted that our illustrious friend MJ (dude, that's 2 shoutouts just this week!) bring her Dr. Q to our "Girl's Night" and then spent a good 20 minutes modeling the bag on her tiny frame for us and the mirror. Oh, that S. Aren't we glad she's back?

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