Saturday, January 5, 2008

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

No, I'm not talking about the tortoise and the hare. (Although, if you'd like, I've got a so-lame-it's-funny joke for you about the tortoise and the hare. No? Maybe some other time?) Slow and Steady Wins the Race is a clothing brand. But more specifically, what the're known for are their bags.

Look familiar? The bags are based on modern "iconic" bags - I'm sure you all recognize some of them, if not all. We've got the Balenciaga, the Birkin, the Chanel, the Dior, the Gucci, and what they call the "grocery tote" but what looks to me like maybe a Bottega Veneta. All the bags are made out of cotton muslin or canvas twill and then "distilled with the sparest details of hardware and shape to identify the original."

I used to think, "Why would I want a knock-off or a look-alike? Why WOULDN'T I just invest in the real thing?" Well I'll tell you what. The real things are EX-PEN-SIVE. And though they are status symbols of women either in the KNOW or women who just have a lot of money but don't know the significance of what they're carrying, would you rather look like a clone - or would you rather get one of these plain cotton/canvas bags, some fabric paint/markers, and make a real statement of who you are?

You think on that while I shop some more.

Buy them here fpr $100 each.

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