Sunday, January 27, 2008

Donating the Easy Way~!

This is seriously one of the greatest ideas on the planet. Next to the dominos pizza tracker. Genius. If you're like me, you have bags and bags of clothes you want to donate but you never get around to dropping off. I usually pile up, let my friends go through it first, and have it either sit in my trunk for "when i'm near by a drop off center" or for my church's annual Garden Leaves (another genius idea where girls donate their clothes and we sift through while nibbling on sandwiches. All proceeds go to a charity of our choice. Awesome.) Anyway, Salvation Army has this thing where you can schedule a pick up and they will come to your door and pick up all of your clothes! For a lazy person like me, this is PERFECT.

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tee said...

my mom uses this service because in texas there aren't drop off sites all over the place like here. =)