Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time to Study~!

Everyone, I wanted to bring to your attention that you have been hit with BF. Blog Flooding. Yes. Blog Flooding results in the massive overload of Blogs shown below. Within a 5 minute period, you have been hit with a million random thoughts, coupons, and index cards by our dear beloved Tee. She has been plagued with a disease, and we must help cure it. These past couple of hours I have been sitting across from her and this whole time I was under the impression that she was doing some serious work. It turns out I was wrong, deadly wrong. I feel that the only way I can communicate with her at this point is by posting her a message ON the blog. need help!


tee said...

I would just like to clarify that

a) the only reason that I knew this was posted was because ~S~ did this: "pssst...I posted"

b) I actually HAVE been studying for these last few hours, and

c) I realize how sad it looks that I'm responding to this.

Esther said...

BOY you guys are fast!! I JUST cleared my RSS feed and there were new ones right away!