Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time to Shop~!

Helloooooo all~! It's gettin' closer to the holidays which means time to shop shop shop! Here are a list of coupons from your favorite places!

Compliments of New Beautiful who forwarded me the email! Oh and By the By, if you're looking for a great print to buy and frame for someone or even yourself, visit her site!!

Stila is having their first ever warehouse sale with makeup up to 70% off! Sign up to be the first to know!

Banana Republic
I love when BR has sales!!! Go Here to DL the coupon. OR go online and type BRHOLIDAY for 20% off, AND type MYBRGIFT for an additional 15% off...that's a whole lotta savings! Warning, you must use a visa card to use the coupon.

Gucci is giving a once in a lifetime 10% coupon when you click here.

Sephora is having an online sale of 20% off when you go type in FF2007

Restoration Hardware is giving 20% off their non sale items. Type in code HO7FAF02

Ralph Lauren is having a huge sale from 11/15 - 11/19 of about 40%. PLUS receive an additional discount when you type in NOV15 at checkout.

Old Navy is giving 20% off from Nov 27 to Dec 3 when you type in F8JXXP9RGCNJ.

Another Banana Republic coupon from Dec. 1-3 of 30% off when you type in QLOV5931S3G5

Get discounts at GAP from Nov 30-Dec 3 when you type in D1L36GG596NL

25% off at L'Occitane by typing FNF25

25% off at H&M if you click here. oh and apparently, H&M has a facebook. click Here for their site!

OH goodness....I have sooo much more~! But alas, I am a law student and it's approaching crunch time. I will update soon!

p.s. keep in mine the expiration dates b/c some are only for a short period of time.
p.p.s. I used to use Ebates to buy all my online purchases and get reimbursed for it. What it is is an online site that you log into, and when you buy things online, you do it all through that site! you get a certain % back for every purchase. You get a $10 gift card for just signing up to Target, Sephora, Best Buy, Office Depot, or you get $5 back.

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Jin Kyung said...

this is awesome!
time to shop! =)