Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Fun~...

I love lazy Saturday mornings...sleeping in, slowly waking up and laying in bed for an hour or so...thinking random thoughts while falling asleep mid day dream...reading a book in bed with my feet up on the wall...i love lazy Saturday mornings.
This morning was no exception. Woke up very late, rolled out of bed and went to eat brunch at the new Panera that just opened up by my house. Being a city girl, I never knew what Panera was, I just heard of it and didn't understand what the hype was about. But...being here...i LOVE it. Free wi fi internet, big tables where i can lay out my books and study, outlets on every corner, tasty food and most importantly, free refill on coffee! (and it actually tastes good!). The bf and I strolled in and we each got a free spinach and bacon and turkey sausage souffle, which was light and crispy like a croissant on the outside, and quiche like on the inside. I also had a bread bowl with creamy portobello good. Perfect for a lazy Saturday, when I know I will be spending all day on the computer and studying. They also have a huge array of wonderful breakfasts foods (including muffin tops!) and an amazing selection of beautiful breads such as Country, french, Focaccia, Ciabatta, Three Cheese, Asiago Cheese, etc., all of which will come in handy for future dinner parties~! ( I love dinner parties, lots of food, lots of drinks, and great convos.)

Anyway, in the midst of procrastinating, I read that Martha Stewart's mom, Big Martha, has passed away at the age of 93. Poor Martha, well both Marthas. May she rest in piece. I also discovered Martha Stewart's Blog! It's actually not all that interesting, but a great place to gather recipes and decorating tips. Martha is acutally really boring and corny. Once on her show, she was talking about lazy susans (those round tables in the middle of your table that you can turn to serve know, at chinese restaurants.) And she mentioned that she had had lunch with 3 susans, 2 of them friends, and ONE OF THEM THE TURNING TABLE! And she thought that was hilarious! Kathy Griffin, who was the guest was like "... are def. invited to my house for dinner..."
anyway. back to studying. Have a great Saturday!

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