Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rock Band!!!

I'm sure you've heard of, if not played, GUITAR HERO and/or KARAOKE REVOLUTION. And I'm sure you've heard, if not know from firsthand experience, that they're awesome. Well, this past Tuesday saw the release ROCK BAND - which is even more exciting and supercool for multiple reasons.
  • 1) It's GUITAR HERO + KARAOKE REVOLUTION + a collapsable drum set (which is super hard but fun to bang around on)
  • 2) Alot, if not most, of the songs are the actual real versions with the original artists - not like in the other games where it's usually remake versions with sound-alike artists.
  • 3) Every week, there will be new songs available for download for a couple of bucks - and even some entire albums for download, so the game is always changing.
  • 4) According to ROCK BAND, I am an amazing singer. (I don't know if that counts as a reason to convince y'all to get/buy/play this game, but I thought it was pretty relevant information.)

As MTV's first major foray into the dangerously addicting world of video games, I'd say that if they play their cards right, they're going to have a serious cash-moneymaker on their hands. I can say that my brother, his friends, and I (yeah, I hung out with a bunch of high schoolers, so what?) spent at least 2 hours playing it last night - and I'm sure they will be logging in way more hours the next few weeks, while I, lucky me, get to go back to the cold and wet East Coast to study and take exams without the warmth and glow of ROCK BAND emanating from a humongous LCD flatscreen to console me.

Rock Band for more information. About $160 - $170. Available right now only on PS3 and XBOX 360, and unless you go instore, I don't think you can get it online yet - but you can try. Gamestop.

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