Sunday, November 25, 2007 Flushing?!

So, this is Pinkberry.

It's delicious, non-fat, and trendy. And now it's also in FLUSHING, NY! Corner of Roosevelt and Main, across the street from Old Navy.

Also, thanks to a tip from a friend, let's call him, "Nick," there is something new and exciting to try at Pinkberry the next time you go...

MOCHI!!! It's especially good when you get it with the Cap'n Crunch option. But it doesn't look like that delicious stuff pictured above with the yummy looks like this, below:

So it's like this super-elite-only-people-in-the-know-can-have-it ingredient that you have to ask for when you're ordering, but that they don't put out on the menu, because, let's face it, it's more fun that way. It's like the secret white gummi bear flavor at Jamba Juice. Wait, what?! You didn't know about that? Well, now you do. Yum.

In other less exciting Pinkberry news, they have pomegranate for the fall, too.

Yawn. Less sour trendy fruits. More mochi! Well, maybe not too much mochi - I actually like more Cap'n Crunch. More cereal with old pirate men icons!!! Yay!

For more locations, Pinkberry.

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hamperisms said...

=)i'm officially a fan. thanks "nick" for the tip! we all must do it again sometime!