Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cleansing the Soul...or Just Your Face~!

Hello all, how was your weekend? With all of our postings to keep you entertained on your Monday morning back at work, hopefully we can make the day go by just a little faster. So. My most recent obsession, the product of an extremely bored law student who is so stressed that she finds more random things to obsess about to prolong doing work, facial cleansers! From my past and recent experiences, I have come up with three great cleansers to keep your face looking clean, fresh, and glowing! (note. i actually don't do this as often as I preach. Hence, the haggish overcast every morning).


Purity, by Philosophy. I was first introduced to Purity by a friend in Seattle during an overnight trip in Boston. She swears by it, all the reviews swear by it, and it is one of the best selling products at Sephora. Purity is a true one step cleanser that removes all traces of makeup (including waterproof mascara) while hydrating and cleaning your face. The texture is creamy, non foamy, and kinda makes you wonder at first whether it actually is getting everything out. To test it, after using this I used an eye makeup remover to see if my mascara came off. And voila! no trace of mascara! I actually have no idea how that happened, b/c I didn't see the usual streaky, smudgy trace when washing my face. It just...disappeared! So to reduce your face wash load, use this one step cleanser!

My dear sweet grandmama sends me Shiseido products when my supply runs low, and the last shipment included a sample size of the Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam. This cleansor is awesome. Seriously. Just one tiny tiny dab creates a thick mass of foam which deep cleans your face like a mop to a dirty floor (ok not so funny. I tried.) My friend, who is a drug store junkie and has used almost every product in existence, doubted the powers of this cleanser, but changed her mind mid protest as she was washing her face. Plus, this line actually evens out your skin tone. I like to use this after a night out, when I know my makeup has gone to its limit and I just want a squeaky clean feeling and sleep.

Ahh, the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Who hasn't used this once in their lifetime. Even dudes use it. It's cheap (about $3.99 a tube), it's easily found (any drugstore), and it leaves your skin feel soft like a baby's belly. I use this every 2-3 times (that's a lie) so that my skin can soak in the moistures from my lotion. Otherwise, your moisturizer can't do its job because all the dead skin cells block your pores, resulting in blackheads and pimples. The only bad thing is, a girl at Fresh gasped when I told her I use it. She said that the scrubs are too big and rough to be used on my face. I say, the bigger the better. Makes me feel like it's working, over some small dainty shiznatch that I'd have to pay $50 per scoop for. So! Great thing to have in your bathroom.

Hope this helps!


tee said...

I LOVE Shiseido. That's so Asian of me, isn't it?

Dish said...

Yes it's in Asian. Shiseido is from Japan. St. Ives Apricot Scrub is my ever favorite! I am using it for 3 years now and ola my skin loves it.

Beatrix said...

alas, when school is in session, my personal welfare goes out the window -- including my beauty welfare.
scrub, ey?